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Insurance for Professionals

Professional Liability Insurance coverage is designed to protect traditional professionals (e.g., physicians, accountants, attorneys) and other professionals such as real estate brokers, insurance agents, home inspectors/appraisers against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing professional services. Although there are a few exceptions, most professional liability policies cover economic losses suffered by third parties, as opposed to bodily injury and property damage typically covered under commercial general liability policies. For the most part, professional liability policies are written on a claims-made basis so policies pay only claims presented during the term of the policy or within a specified time frame after the policy expires.


Professionals are expected to have a certain level of technical competence in their particular discipline or field of expertise. It is also expected that they will professionally and accurately perform their services, according to the common standards of conduct of their profession. For whatever reason, intended or unintended, if a professional person fails on the job, they can be held responsible for any harm they cause to another person or business.


Despite all your best efforts, well-trained employees and a strong best practices ethic, mistakes will occur. Even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That’s why a professional liability insurance is essential of a comprehensives insurance program for most professionals.

Some Industries that should have professional Liability are:

Real Estate Agents
Insurance Agents
Advertising Agencies
Employment Agencies
Financial Planners
Printing Companies

If you have any questions regarding Professional Liability or if you think
you need to carry professional liability, please contact us.

Helpful Tips

Did you know that depending on your profession, it may be a legal requirement to carry a Professional Liability policy? Doctors require coverage to practice in certain states. Technology consultants often need coverage in independent contractor work arrangements.

Professional liability insurance can protect you against potential claims made by your patients/clients.

Did you know that your usual liability insurance will only cover property damage, personal injury, bodily injury or advertising injury claims?

Still unsure if professional liability insurance should be part of your business insurance portfolio?