Crandall & Associates Attends City Year Gala

Crandall and Associates Join Evas Heroes

Lauren Culp and Shirley Crandall support the City Year Gala. During the evening Lauren Culp was approached and agreed to join the Eva’s Heroes Gala committee.  More to follow on this non profit organization.


City Year Gala


This organization focuses on high school dropouts. Students who drop out are eight times more likely to become incarcerated and three times more likely to be unemployed. In San Antonio, 92% of students are economically disadvantaged. This program helps students stay on track to graduate and provide a better future for themselves. Attendance monitoring and engagement is one part of the program. These mentors keep an eye on attendance through talking with students about their challenges ad simple gestures such as greeting them on their way into school and occasionally making phone calls to their homes. These mentors also provide Socio-Emotional support, which is acting as role models both through example and positive coaching. Whenever students are having a hard time, they pull them aside and address their concerns to work out the problem. Mentors will work closely with teachers to identify learning gaps and help differentiate instructions for students who need it most through one on one tutoring. The next step is after school programs that help students succeed in math and English to stay on track to graduate. City Year San Antonio is partnering with Communities in Schools and Talent Development to improve our city’s most challenged schools. The program, called Diplomas Now, identified students at risk for dropping out and sets personalized goals to help them graduate.

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